30 Jan

Wantrepreneurs Take Heed

I have a lot of buddies that like to talk a lot of smack about business over a few beers.  Seems as though the more beer that flows the more outlandish the dreams of building something become.

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur these days it seems.  Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m so engrossed in killing my 9-5 that that I’m constantly surrounding myself with like minded people.  I’m always reading articles, watching Shark Tank and keeping my mind rolling like your hefty girlfriend’s quarterly spinning class.

This obsession for the next great invention or business idea isn’t exactly as mainstream as I thought it was.  I do have lots of casual acquaintances.  Some vastly successful on their own while others tend to just roll along with the punches their bosses are dishing out.

I have some very dear friends who struggle in their personal careers.  I’ve offered some ideas and even some jobs to these people in hopes I can encourage them to break free from the chains of the cubicle.

what I find most often is that although these people like to complain a lot about their situations ands they love to gripe about their bosses and their severe lack of compensation, they seem less and likely to actually do squat about it.

So here’s for all you wanna be entrepreneurs.  Stop talking crap.  Either poop or get off the pot.

Several things are going to have to happen to be a true entrepreneur.  First thing is you’re going to have to have a solid plan in order to have any chance at success.  In other words, you need a great idea to begin with.

With any great idea you’re also going to have to study the market demand and the potential for income off of said enterprise.  Once you have an idea that you think actually has the potential to generate some income, you’ll need to define who will be purchasing your idea or product.

Do these people have enough money?  Can they get it someplace else for a lesser price or even a better quality?  How often will they buy?

Now that you’ve defined your idea and done the market research to know that there ids at least some potential for income, you’ll need a plan of attack.

You can’t just sit back all bellied up at the bar with your broke buddies dreaming of the broke back bromance bellowing billions from your business.

You’ve got to take action.  Take MASSIVE action and step outside of your comfort zone.  Invest in your self and your idea and take that chance.

You may fail, but dusting yourself off and trying again and again until you finally find success. Being diligent in your efforts and dedicating your time and talents to bettering yourself.