22 Jan

Resolving Work Conflicts

Everyone at some point has had some sort of internal conflict at work with another coworker.  Whether it’s  a little love affair gone wrong or something else, it’s never a good thing to mix personal feelings with your job.

Many people bring problems stemming from their home life into their 9-5 jobs.  Grumpy and short tempered people at work general have some extenuating circumstance dictating their personal life.  Once that begins to spill over, everyone at work takes notice.

Contacts between woking folks happens more often than not it seems.  Jealousy over career credentials, personal vendettas, broken hearts or just a total dislike for someone for no given reason work conflicts can really curtail productivity.

When a promotion is pending, competition among employees will often increase.  Even when there’s a clear favorite, whether by the boss or by credentials alone, in office battles can become very heated.

Love affairs within the cubicle are sometimes the worse internal conflicts.  Anyone will tell you that dating a person that you work with is more often than not a big no no.

Infidelity inside the office causes not only turmoil within the office, but outside and spilling over into the community.  Smaller communities spread office rumors like wildfire and it usually isn’t long before the news is clouding the entire community with gossip and talk.

Some of the worse case scenarios end up causing the ultimate price to be paid by an employee.  Their life!

Late last year in Winchester, KY an internal office love affair lead to a murder suicide inside of the office.  It’s unclear what their office relationships were and what had happened to their love affair but what is known is that two people are now dead.

The murder actually occurred inside of the office.  Can you imagine the cleanup and the terror that other employees must face when returning to work after a perversion of events?

The main thing about work conflicts is that there’s really no solution.  If someone has a problem with someone else there’s probably some underlying reason.  A third party moderator probably isn’t going to solve much much less make the two comes to terms with one another.

The best advice for avoiding work force conflicts is to keep personal opinions (political, religious, etc) to oneself.  Also avoiding any sort of intimate relationships with coworkers will more than likely save you a lot of grief in the long run.  Rarely can two people work together and live together and stay together for every long.

If you find a coworker who is hostile toward you the best thing is to just keep the relationship on a business level.  Do your job and operate as much as possible with the disgruntled person.  If tensions escalate between the two of you it is best to report the issues to your superiors and let them handle it in a professional manner.