16 Jan

Finding the Proper Mentor

Ok people, there are mentors out the wazoo out there on the internet.  Most are good but many are just a giant hoax.  Snake oil salesmen that have nothing to offer those truly searching for direction in the life, career or goals.

There are a few things you need to decide when choosing the proper mentor.  First thing is what are your goals?  Are you looking to….

  1. Lose weight?
  2. Find Spirituality?
  3. Self Help?
  4. Financial Goals?
  5. Personal Motivation?

Once you button down exactly what it is your looking for you can can then begin to search out some gurus.  Many of the more well known ones are more well know for a reason.  They’re good!

I’ve also found that once you get into a specific niche you will often find bits and pieces of the other niches filtered in.  Most mentors of financial freedom seekers will tell you they incorporate other things in to their life to bring financial success.  Most financial success mentors will say you need some form of spirituality in your daily life in order to be successful.

Mentors of financial success will also say they have some form of daily health or exercise routine.  Sound mind and body will only lead to better things in your overall pursuit of happiness and financial well being.  You leave any of these other aspects out and you’re certain to be a failure.

There are so many motivational speakers and talking heads it’s often hard to sort through all the mayhem.  I suggest trying to a few books written by some of the best sellers to get a feel for what they preach.

For financial success in your career and in business I really think Grant Cardone leads the pack.  He’s published several books and has been on the Amazon Best Seller’s list for numerous publications.

Grant is known for maxing out his efforts and going above and beyond what you THINK is necessary for success  and then multiplying that effort by 10.  The book by Grant Cardone is properly named the 10X Rule and will tell you that basically whatever you think you need to do in order to succeed that you’d better actually 10X those efforts if you really want to avoid failure.

You see, if you need to make 10 sales calls in order to schedule one or two appointments then the 10X Rule tells you that you’d actually better make 100 calls in order to keep your pipeline full of appointments in sales.

What happens is that out of those 10 calls, 5 people won’t answer, 3 will flat out say no and then the one or two that you actually do schedule will be uno shows.

So what if you only have two and they both are no shows?  Then you’re empty handed for the day.  But had your 10X’d your efforts you’d have ten times that number in your pipeline waiting to see you.  Instead of 1 or 2 appointments you’d now have 10-20 appointments.

Think how much more successful you’s be if you had a pipeline that full for every day of your working sales career.  Easier said than done though no doubt.